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Two: Make Things More Comfortable In Your Web Design

Your website is usually the first contact experience that a customer will have with our company. Yes, that’s how significant it is.

It is essential that by “entering” it, the user and potential client know immediately what to do to find what they are looking for, where to go and how to manage without help.

But what many web designs fail today is this: What happens when I find what I’m looking for? Well … I suppose I should call by phone, go to the commercial place … etc.

Never leave “The Great Answer” that we seek at random and goodwill.

It is vital that the entire site, and especially next to each product or service, the user find a “call to action” (” Call to Action “) that is clear, simple and makes it easy to understand what to do next : “Click here for more information”, “I want to know more”, ” That “CTA” will take you to the contact website, a form or any other section of our site that serves as a means of contacting us.

Exercise: check if there are “calls to action” in your web design. If not, think about the “path” your client will follow when navigating and select the places where you think it will have the most impact. Do not forget to post a message that “call the action” and a link to your contact page.


Mexico, DF- A website is a necessity for companies; it does not matter if they are small or large corporations of worldwide scope; they are a window through which consumers can be in contact with brands and vice versa.

A clear example is an e-business, a trend that is beginning to take on relevance in new markets and new consumer behavior.

They are spaces that not only increase the presence of the brand but are also a channel of promotion and sale of the products and services offered by an organization so that a well-achieved website will mean more significant assets for a company.


The simpler, the better, a website has to be light, simple and easy to read, that is, intuitive; It should not be saturated with multimedia content (animations in flash, videos, photos, etc.) since these will make the page late in loading and thus end the patience of a client.


The information that is provided and published must be by the company’s turn; this has to be a faithful representation of the image of the organization; the contents must be coherent and must provide added value for those who read them, these should be a tool of use for your customers. Creating categories is fundamental, as is a contact section.


The use of mobile devices is a trend that is becoming common if a web page does not have an appropriate format that can be read correctly, it is more likely that you will miss the opportunity to approach a potential client.